Hopi Ear Candles

What are ear candles
Good quality ear candles are sourced from unbleached organically grown crops of cotton,cotton flax or hemp fibres. Many varieties include the addition of herbs and other ingredients. They can be cylindrical or cone shaped.

How they Work
When lit at the top, the rising air column inside the candle begins to heat up. As the candle burns down, it continues to heat up the top of the rising air column in the centre of the candle. The rising air column creates a very mild suction action at the base, which helps to loosen compacted wax.
The other ingredients are vapourised making some of the are spiral downwards setting up pressure and gentle sound waves, which massage the eardrum. Since even the slightest movement of the eardrum is carried onwards to the middle and inner ear, all of the structure of the ear receive a gentle massage. As the ear, nose, sinuses and throat are all connected, this has the effect of regulating and balancing pressure in the ears as well as the whole of the upper respiratory tract.

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